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Yoga Class Descriptions

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We will be adding more classes as we grow. Check back often for new additions. 

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Walk-ins are Welcome, Only as Space Allows

Please bring a yoga mat. They are available to borrow or for purchase for $20.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for class, if possible.  
Wear comfortable clothing, tie your hair back, and be prepared to work barefoot.

Children age 9+ are welcome to participate in Introductory & Gentle Yoga classes if they are able to practice in a manner respectul of others. 


Chair Yoga: 
The principles of yoga are universal and apply to everyone. The Mind Body Solutions method developed by Matthew Sanford helps those living with trauma, loss, and disability become measurably healthier and happier by connecting with their bodies in ways they never thought possible.  This seated class is for those of all abilities and focuses on exploring the sensations of grounding, expansion, balance, and rhythm.

Gentle Yoga: 

An all levels practice consisting of postures primarily floor based.  The class begins at a slow pace designed to gently move and warm the body.  Preparing you for a few standing poses held for a short or moderate length of time and deliberately winding down to reclined and seated poses.  It’s a wonderful practice for all levels, beginners and experienced yogis will benefit from the mindfully designed movements, students with limited mobility or pregnant students and accessible for any body type. (Children age 9 and over are welcome.)


Introduction to Flow

An all levels practice consisting of foundational postures of Vinyasa Flow designed to synchronize breath with posture.  This is a moderately paced class designed for the beginner and seasoned yogi alike.  The class will flow from foundational standing and seated poses, introduce arm balances and or inversions in a safe and supportive environment with lots of alignment principles.

Intro to Yoga: 60 min class with Dina or Bianca

It’s very cool to be a beginner.  Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, experience or flexibility.  This slow paced class is great for beginners who wish to start their yoga practice and also seasoned practitioners who wish to review.  We will focus on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses linking breath, body and mind.   Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to have a willingness to try.  Come learn what yoga is all about and maybe even break a sweat in a safe and supportive environment.  (Children age 9 and over are welcome.)

Kids Yoga (ages 4-8): 45 min class 
Stories and games intertwined with yoga provide the foundation for this fun children’s class (ages 5-8). Classic yoga poses help kids develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance in mind and body. Fun and games make this class a great energy outlet as well as a challenge that helps to foster a love for yoga practice. No previous experience necessary. 


Mindful Yoga: 75 min class

Mindful Yoga classes are based on the practices of yoga asanas (postures) and mindfulness meditation. Each begins with a centering practice focusing on breathing, transitioning from the events of the day. Mindful movement linked with the breath follows, including upper and lower body warm-ups, supine, seated and standing poses. Props such as straps, blankets, and blocks are used to achieve proper alignment.   A deep relaxation at the end of class seals the beneficial effects of the practice. Beginner friendly. 

Prenatal Yoga: 75 min class 
Prepare for the birth of your baby with a relaxing and strengthening prenatal yoga practice. Work to relieve pregnancy related discomforts through gentle and modified yoga poses and breathing exercises. Connect with other moms and share the excitement and energy of pregnancy while celebrating your changing body. Poses practiced in class aim to build strength and softness in preparation for childbirth. Appropriate for expectant moms at all stages of pregnancy. 

Restorative Yoga: 60 min class (Offered by request. Call 708-529-3011 or email [email protected])

An all levels practice consisting of postures designed to relax and calm your body and mind.  The use of props are incorporated to assist in the prolonged holding of a few poses, allowing you to cultivate the space for a deeper exploration of the postures and breath awareness.  Attention is centered on breath to initiate the body’s biological relaxation response helping you draw your awareness inward.  It’s a wonderful practice for all levels, those who are recovering from injury and anyone that wants to slow down their pace to a more steady and natural tempo.


Tween/Teen Yoga (ages 9-13): 
A vinyasa class for all levels between the ages of 9 and 13. Get energized and manage stress with breathing techniques and meditation while practicing foundational postures. This class will introduce proper alignment and a discussion of the benefits of yoga as well as challenge poses. Perfect for those who have taken kids (5-8) or beginners! 

Toddler Time (18m-4): 
Movement, songs, stories and fun help make yoga accessible for these young children (strong walkers to age 4). Young children develop foundational language, gross motor coordination, social skills and self-confidence while caregivers get to stretch and relax too! Caregivers attend class with tot. No prior experience necessary. 

Vinyasa Flow

An all levels practice consisting of foundational postures designed to synchronize breath with posture.  The class moves at a smoothly flowing, moderately rigorous pace with attention to proper alignment introducing students to postures essential for strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.  Modifications are provided to accommodate beginner students.   It assists in bringing the mind into a state of balance and stillness.  There will also be an opportunity to safely explore more challenging poses such as arm balances and inversions.  It’s a wonderful practice for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

$16 for drop-in
5-Class Pass: $70 (Valid for 3 months from date of purchase)
10-Class Pass: $135 (Valid for 6 months from date of purchase)
Week of Unlimited Yoga: $25. Purchase price can be applied to a 5 or 10 Class Pass within 7 days of purchase