Tammy Bobel

Tammy Bobel, EdD, LCPC
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Tammy Bobel, EdD, LCPC, is the founder of The Center for Self-Actualization. She specializes in individual (children, adolescents, and adults) and couples therapy.  She is also a wife, and mother to three teen-aged children.

Tammy understands the challenges that life presents, but believes "that you, and all human beings, have an innate ability to move toward reaching your own unique full potential (self-actualization)". But how can you go about doing so? Counseling is a process whereby the counselor assists the client in learning to utilize his/her strengths in order to overcome challenges. My relationship with my clients is one of non-judgment, empathy, and warmth. Optimism and hope are the characteristics that best describe my counseling style as well as the way I lead my own life and raise my three children.

I specialize in Identity Formation. Too often, individuals have not successfully formed a healthy and productive understanding of who they are and how they best relate to others. Discover your strengths and learn how to utilize them to achieve greater satisfaction in life, relationships and career. I describe my style of counseling as "Reality Therapy". Go ahead, Google it! Reality therapists do not dwell on the past or place blame on others. Rather, they work with their clients to find a solution that actually works. Create a realistic plan and realize your personal goals.”

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